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At The Fit Canine, we believe that dogs have a much better chance of a longer, healthier life with good nutrition, good exercise and regular veterinarian care. Our program has helped hundreds of dogs of all ages enjoy a better quality of life.

The Fit Canine can help build strength and endurance for your canine companion. Swimming is a non-weight bearing form of exercise that can benefit dogs as young as 12 weeks and as old as 17 years. Aquatic exercise will improve your dog’s attitude, happiness, movement and engagement!

Aquatic Exercise Can Be Done Year-Round

Our indoor water training is a great option for keeping your dog in shape and get him/her the exercise needed during inclement weather.

When would your dog benefit from our canine swimming program?


Before or after orthopedic surgery


To maintain or build muscle mass


Elderly and arthritic dogs benefit from the low impact exercise because it allows them to move around comfortably while minimizing discomfort


A properly designed swimming exercise regiment helps dogs “stretch” into their frames and can dramatically improve range of motion

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