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What We Do:

When would your dog benefit from our canine swimming program?


Before or after orthopedic surgery


To maintain or build muscle mass


Elderly and arthritic dogs benefit from the low impact exercise because it allows them to move around comfortably while minimizing discomfort


A properly designed swimming exercise regiment helps dogs “stretch” into their frames and can dramatically improve range of motion

Aquatic Exercise Helps With

Balance, Strength, Endurance & Agility

Canine Conditioning

Swimming is a non-weight bearing form of exercise that can benefit dogs as young as 12 weeks and as old as 17

Weight Loss

With a sensible diet and a consistent exercise plan, dogs can….and will lose weight. We work with dog owners to identify the target weight for your dog and design a program that will not only achieve that goal, but also provide the many other benefits of an aquatic exercise program.

Competition Dogs

We work with many competition dogs to keep them in top shape before, during and after the show season. We will customize a training program that is right for the age, breed and goals of the dog and his/her owner.

Hunting Dogs

It is critical that hunting dogs have the stamina and agility necessary to perform well in the field. A well-conditioned hunting dog can lessen the chance for injury. We work with all breeds of hunting dogs before, during and after the hunting season to get, and keep them in prime shape. We will help make your hunting canine companion the envy of your hunting party!